Kiluan Bay Lampung, the Dolphins Playground at the Southern Tip of Sumatra


 Tanggamus Regency in the southern tip of Sumatra Island is part of Lampung Province. In term of tourism, Tanggamus has everything. From waterfalls, beautiful beaches, to cool mountainous area. One of the most beautiful spots in Tanggamus is Kiluan Bay which is located at its southeast part.

The white sandy beach at Teluk Kiluan. via Instagram/telukkiluanlampung

Kiluan Bay is already a popular place because it has many unique attractions. However, you might need a bit of an effort to get there. Here is everything you need to know about this small bay.

Location of Kiluan Bay

The bay and the Kelapa Island from a nearby hill. via Instagram/rikostefanus

There is a reason why Kiluan Bay is often dubbed as the hidden paradise for dolphins. Specifically, the ‘hidden’ part comes from the fact that getting to this bay can be a struggle. Administratively, Kiluan is located at Kiluan Negeri Village, Kelumbayan District. The road infrastructure to get to Kiluan is still inadequate.

Dolphin attraction at the bay

Many dolphins. via Instagram/sukangayap

Kiluan is home to hundreds of dolphins. Specifically, there are two species of dolphins here; the Bottlenose (Tursiops Truncatus) and Long-Beaked Dolphin (Stenella Longirostris). If you are lucky, you can see them playing in the bay. Nevertheless, you can come to their playing area by chartering a boat.

Gayau Lagoon

The lagoon. via Instagram/lampunginsta

Before you even think about going out to the open ocean, you might be tempted to soak yourself into the Gayau Lagoon. Indeed, this lagoon is a great place to relax with friends. It’s quite deep so you have to be careful if you are non-swimmer, fully protected from the sea, and somewhat secluded.

Kelapa Island

Kelapa Island in the beackground. via instagram/dkusdiana

Kiluan Bay is the place where you can enjoy a lot of things, including an exotic small tropical island. In this case, the island is called Kelapa Island. This small and unassuming island is located in the middle of the bay. You need to rent a boat to get to this island. Due to the small size of the island, there is not much you can do but taking pictures in its beautiful scenery.

Sunset at Kiluan Bay

Sunset at the bay. via Instagram/beachballtrip

To end the lovely day in this bay, you need to see the beautiful sunset here. You need to get to the eastern coast of the bay to get the most beautiful sight. You can see the sky changing its colors dramatically before eventually, the sun submerges into the far horizon.

Gayau Lagoon. via Instagram/kiluan_lampung

Kiluan Bay is not the easiest destination to reach as the road infrastructure hasn’t been properly built yet. However, once you get there, you will find beauties in many of its aspects.